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Tape Sealing U-20A

Tape Sealing U-20A
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Brand: AVACS
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Product Code: У-20А

Sealing tape U-20A is a fabric of capron article 56003 (OST 17-232-80) rubberized on both sides with glue based on putty U-20A (TU 38 106357-76).

Thickness - 0,3 - 0,4 mm

Width - not less than 700 mm

Intended for sealing riveted seams and other joints in aircraft structures. Sealing tape can be used in products in various climatic conditions in the temperature range from minus 50 to plus 70 ° C. It is allowed to use the tape in closed volumes in products operated in countries with tropical climate. Specifications do not apply to the supply of U-20A tape to countries with tropical climate.

Characteristics Sealing Tape
Appearance Fabric nylon
Aircraft IL-76
Helicopter MI-8/171
Onboard Systems All