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Аviation Equipment and Radio Electric Units

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8АТ-7420 8АТ-7420
Current collector 8AT-7420. Serves for electrical communication with a moving electric power system ..
AI-9 Engine AI-9 Engine
AI-9 is an auxiliary gas turbine engine designed to launch the main engines of Ka / Mi-8 / Yak-40 he..
Altimeter BM-15K Altimeter BM-15K
The mechanical altimeter BM-15 is designed to measure the barometric altitude in the range from 0 to..
BP-41 Serial 1 BP-41 Serial 1
BP-41 power supply is used to supply control stabilizers in automatic control systems. ..
Contactor TKD503DOD
TKD503DOD Description : The contactor TKD503DOD is designed for switching circuits in the ele..
Crane electromagnetic GA-142/2
The principle of operation of the three-position crane on the example of GA-142/2. The three-posi..
IKDRf-0,016-0,005-0 IKDRf-0,016-0,005-0
The measuring complex of the pressure switch (ICRD) is designed to provide an electrical signal when..
KE26 /1
The electro-hydraulic pressure reducing valve KE26/1- is used to control the fluid pressure in the b..
The pump regulator NR-3VM, also known under the markings NR-3VM-T, NR-3VMA-T, NR-3VMA, is designed f..
Radio Altimeter RV-5M
The radio altimeter (PB) is designed to measure the true altitude and signaling that the aircraft ha..
SH-01 Encoder SOM-64
SH-01 encoder SOM-64 Description: The ICAO encoder unit constructively combines the decoder KV8 ..
Three-component mechanical recorder К3-63
The device is designed to register three parameters of the flight of the aircraft: barometric altitu..
BendixKing - Radar Antenna Array (10/12") BendixKing - Radar Antenna Array (10/12")
The meteolocator is designed for installation on helicopters and airplanes. Meets the requirements o..
Drive of a wiper of GA 211A-00-5 Drive of a wiper of GA 211A-00-5
Wipers are used to remove precipitation from the front windows of the cockpit. They operate from the..
MC-61 (1F01-B) with cassette
The airborne recorder MC-61 (1F01-B) is designed for recording speech from the outputs of radio rece..
Аviation Equipment and Radio Electric Units

Avionics is used to designate the entire complex of electronic equipment that is installed on board aircraft. Very often in parallel with the word "avionics" is used the abbreviation BREO, which stands for on-board radio electronic equipment. The basic elements of electronic equipment are navigation, communication and control systems.

On-board equipment is a set of devices, systems and units that provide:

• control of the aircraft, including control of the angular position and its trajectory in the solution of transport and combat tasks;

• energy supply;

• providing for the life of the crew and passengers.

Equipment designed to control various devices, as well as providing communication with air traffic management systems and monitoring air and ground conditions, is called avionics or avionics. Equipment that provides power supply (hydraulic systems, power supply systems), vital functions (air conditioning systems), as well as the management of the release and cleaning of the chassis, braking during landing and interrupted start is called air-to-air equipment.

Despite the variety of types, all aircraft have the same basic aggregates  that perform similar functions. These units include: a wing, a fuselage, horizontal and vertical tail, a chassis and a propulsion system.