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Washer 3402A-2.5-10-18-cd

Washer 3402A-2.5-10-18-cd
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Brand: AVACS
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Product Code: 3402А-2,5-10-18-кд

Washer 3402A-2.5-10-18-kd OST134505-80

Washer 3402A-1.5-16-28-kd OST134505-80 Washer - a piece to be placed under the nut or screw head (screw) to create a larger bearing area, reduce damage to the surface of the part, and prevent the mounting part from self-loosening.

A washer 1 mm thick for a fastener with a nominal thread diameter of 10 mm, diameter D = 18 mm of steel 20, galvanized: Washer 1-10-18-C OST 1 34505-80

Aircraft IL-76
Helicopter MI-171
Specifications Fasteners
Industry Standard OST134505-80
Metal and Coating Steel, galvanized, grade 20
Special qualities High strength and light weight
Type Washer