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Turbo-Cooler 2280Т

Turbo-refrigerators are special installations, inside which processes of air expansion, which are close to adiabatic, are carried out with a subsequent decrease in its temperature.

Schematic diagram of a turbo-cooler :

  • 1 - branch pipe,
  • 2 - volute,
  • 3 - nozzle apparatus,
  • 4 - impeller blades,
  • 5 - turbine impeller,
  • 6 - shaft,
  • 7 - bearing,
  • 8 - fan impeller.

The main condition for the durability and reliability of high-speed TC is the normal functioning of the lubrication and cooling system. Therefore, great attention is paid to their improvement. The main requirements for all units of aviation systems are the minimum weight and overall dimensions of the unit, high efficiency, a given level of reliability and survivability, production and operational adaptability, maximum use of standard, normalized and unified parts, accuracy of connection and fastening dimensions, ensuring interchangeability ...

In a turbo-cooler, the air passing through the turbine wheel must not become clogged with oil, heat up to a fire-hazardous temperature and disrupt the performance of other elements of the aircraft. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of installing TC on a sound insulating base.

Operating time( h.):

- 570; 580; 595; 610; 640; 730; 735; 810; 870; 900

Aircraft IL-76 IL-62
Onboard Systems Aircraft air conditioning systems